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We are a company integrating industry, There is enough production space and comfortable office environment, We self-marketing, Saves the cost of the intermediate links more gave consumers a greater profit space. Our company is the world\'s first focus on research and ecological environmental protection biodegradable products export company. Patent for this, We have five projects, Six registered brand and including more than 20 kinds of different bamboo tooth brush type, More than 3000 kinds of different style of indoor slippers, More than 200 kinds of models of rice husk, Tableware and 36 kinds of models of environmental protection tableware as environmentally friendly products... My company has always been to industry standards for the highest quality objectives, Quality is higher than the national standard. Product design is more, The strict quality control, Exquisite packaging, Keep good communication and help to the guest. Prompt delivery, Won\'t delay customer delivery period, All on the interests of the clients we work hard. No we can\'t do, Only custome

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Yangzhou Tongfun Red International Trading Co,Ltd.

Address: No.1 Jinyuan Road , Guanglin Industrial Zone,HangJi Area,Yangzhou,Jiangsu

Contact Person: Huang Peng





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